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why boudoir

For you:

Deep down in every woman’s soul is a desire to be beautiful. It is something inherent in our very being. Yet most of us never realize just how beautiful we truly are. What I love most about boudoir photography is that it gives women the ability to feel confident, sexy and incredibly gorgeous. Your boudoir session will be uniquely designed especially for you. To capture your beauty. Your grace. The very things that make you you. I promise it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

For him:

Whether you’re just about to tie the knot or you’ve been married for years, intimate photos of yourself are one of the most powerful gifts you can give your husband. It’s alluring, fearless and most of all, completely unexpected. He’ll be moved by the thoughtfulness of your gift and it’ll encourage him to look for ways he can spice up your marriage too. There’s no question that he already knows that you’re beautiful and sexy. But he’ll love the fact that your boudoir photography experience will leave you feeling beautiful and empowered – a gift truly like no other.

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